Conditioned Transport

Besides our regular national and international transport we offer the option of conditioned transports. Loads can be carried in a refrigerated, frozen or even heated state, at temperatures ranging between -25 and +25 ⁰C, for loading capacities between 500 and 22,000 kilograms.


All our vehicles are equipped with a temperature registration system. Temperature is monitored during a run and if you so desire we can provide you with an extensive report. It goes without saying that we maintain the strictest conditions as regards hygiene, a journal of which for each of our vehicles is at your disposal.


Our drivers dress, on request, in white overcoats or reflective vests and helmets. Wearing safety shoes is a matter of course.

For BMT Couriers hygiene is a matter of paramount importance.

In short we will go to great lengths to carry out your conditioned transports
with due flexibility and accuracy. Hence our slogan:

"Fast in Food Transport".


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